Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday the 13th

It never crossed my mind when we put the 13 on our calendar that it was actually Friday the 13th!  We had a great Friday the 13th at mischief, no superstitions, nothing unlucky.  Now to start off the weekend, here's this week's Five for Friday

We've had some crazy, mixed up weather this week so I thought I'd share our  door decoration.  March is definitely coming in like a lion as we've had everything from unseasonably sunny high 70's to big booming thunderstorms and lots of windy weather. 
 One of my little learners shared this amazing SIX leaf clover with her classmates!
We worked on the -ing word family and made these adorable King of -ing 's for the hallway!

We're midway through our two week Georgia unit and the kids are loving it!  I told them they are learning things that even their parents may not know! We refer to the big Georgia map I made on a daily basis since it showcases some of the important facts about our state.
Leaving you with a little funny I found!
Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Love those word family activities!! Great idea!

    Kimberly Ann
    Live, Laugh, I love Kindergarten

  2. I love the King of ing- and the counting class! That 6 leaf clover is awesome! :) So glad I found your blog!

  3. The 6 leaf clover is pretty cool! I like your map of Georgia with the different visual reminders of things important to the state. Have a great week!



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