Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday - Another Alpha Favorite

I'm thrilled Mrs. Jump's Class will be continuing Book Talk Tuesday throughout this school year!  It's a great way to find interesting books and activities to use in your classroom!

Today I am sharing ANOTHER favorite Alphabet Book!  In fact, I think I could share a favorite ABC book every week and never run out of titles!  I use alphabet books every single day in my classroom and never tire of reading about those good ol' letters!

Tomorrow's Alphabet is an incredible book that will really make your kids (and YOU)  think about letters.  It's not just another ABC book by any means.   Each page is a riddle to be solved and you must consider it's all about tomorrow.
When you read "A is for seed" your class will think you've gone absolutely crazy and they'll be frantic reminding you that seed begins with S and that A isn't for seed!  I always tell them it's what the words in the book say so it has to be true.  But they'll go on and on knowing it's wrong! tell them A is "tomorrow's apple"!  Then they'll begin to get it!

Of course, they'll laugh & laugh when you try to explain "K is for tomato"...but they'll soon understand you need tomatoes in order for K to be "tomorrow's ketchup".

And how could "O is for acorn" possibly be true? Oh, yes!  It's going to be "tomorrow's Oak Tree" after it grows.

After you finish reading Tomorrow's Alphabet, have your class brainstorm other possibilities for what different letters can be today and what they'll be tomorrow.  Their ideas can easily be turned into a wonderful class book that won't be your typical Alphabet book!

Thanks for joining me today!  I'm heading back over to Mrs. Jump's Class for more Book Talk Tuesday! 
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  1. Donna,
    This looks like a great book that I will need to have in my own book collection. I love the twist on the alphabet book. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I have quite the alphabet book collection - and Tomorrow's Alphabet needs to be added. Thanks for sharing about it. It reminds me of Q is for Duck.

  3. I feel like alphabet books are generally for Pre-K through 1st, but my second graders (and I bet even 3rd graders) would love trying to figure out these riddles! Very neat, thanks for sharing!

    1. I definitely think this alpha book would be suitable for older kids. I even quizzed my hubby on the riddles when I first got the book and there were several he had to REALLY think about!

  4. I have not heard of this book before. It is definitely on my wish list now :)

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