Friday, October 16, 2015

Five for Friday Catch Up

My last few Fridays quickly turned into busy weekends.  Then it was the middle of the next week and I still hadn't started my post!  Join me as I finally link up with Five for Friday!

I've been admiring this cute apple art down the hall and knew I had to share it with you!
This crafty teacher began by having her three year old class watercolor on paper towels.  Once those were dry, she placed the paper towel under the precut apple frames and trimmed along the edges.  Next, she took those remnant paper towel pieces and put them behind small apple diecuts.  The apple diecuts were attached with yarn making a mobile-like display.  I thought this was a very creative use of diecuts and a colorful fall display!

Finally finished our Farm studies! 
We graphed our favorite farm animals.

Created a farm book.
Made our own butter
And, really was THAT exciting!
We don't always have a real fall season in the south.  I remember more than a few Halloween evenings where you wouldn't wear your costume the whole night of trick or treating because it was too hot and sticky.  This year, however, we're having a nice fall with perfectly comfortable weather.  Perfect for picking a pumpkin! 
Here's a couple of photos from my son's high school hockey team's Pumpkin Patch.  They're selling pumpkins as a fundraiser so they can rent the ice rink each week for practice.

What do you do when your custodian asks if you 'd like a big cardboard box?
You let the kids paint it and turn it into a firetruck!
One of my students used the magnetic letters to spell my assistant's name.

He couldn't find a letter D for my name.  We had to laugh when he decided to substitute the letter B because he said it almost sounded the same! 

Have a wonderful fall weekend!


  1. Your little one is too cute; when you can't find what you need, I guess you substitute! Have a great weekend!


  2. Love that apple craft! That pic is so cute at how excited they were to make butter! So jealous you get to go pumpkin picking!

    Teaching Autism

  3. I loved these classroom photos. Quite fun and interesting ideas to utilize in the classroom! At our kindergarten we also have fun while doing such activities. The latest class on word substitution was so much fun. I used the ideas from for this special word class.


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