Saturday, August 30, 2014

Five for Friday - Summer Comes to an End

Friday's almost gone and so is summer but I wanted to join Doodle Bugs Teaching for

One of the final classroom touches was to add a curtain panel to cover the open area below my counter workspace. I found a fun black & white dotty fabric at Hobby Lobby and knew it would work well with the other accents around the room.  My sweet hubby even stitched them up for me! I didn't measure too accurately so they were a tad long but it got me through Parent Night (they've since been hemmed so they don't drag on the floor).

Both our Parent Night and Student Open House were held this week.  I have a wonderful group of families and the children are simply ADORABLE!  I continued what has worked really well for me and had the kids do a scavenger hunt around the room when they came for their visit.  Students found their cubbies, where to put lunchboxes, met both teachers, had their picture taken, and much more.  I love the scavenger hunt!  It keeps them just busy enough while they discover our room!

Cooked up several batches of my homemade playdoh for the first day of school!  You can find my favorite recipe and more about playdoh here.

School starts Tuesday so I knew I needed to spend my morning running errands...the bank, shopping at Staples, delivering a bag to the local food pantry, dropping off drycleaning, etc.  I also caught up on the overflowing laundry baskets.
One of the items I picked up at Staples was a set of these colorful ink pens!  I'm so excited to use these in my teacher binder and on my calendar! 
Hope everyone has a wonderful Labor Day weekend and enjoys the last bit of summer! 
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  1. Love your blog! That table skirt is adorable... :)


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