Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Book Talk Tuesday - A Lesson Found Within

I've discovered some wonderful books at the Book Talk Tuesday linky party hosted by Mrs. Jump's Class.  Today, I'd like to share a big book I bought at a yard sale from a retiring elementary teacher.  I hadn't heard of this book before and really wasn't sure I needed it but she insisted I add it to the stack of teacher stuff already discovered from her garage.  And who could possibly resist a $4 price tag for a big book in very good condition? Not me!

Once I was home, I sorted through all my treasures...with a little help from the Big Kitty, of course!

I began reading This is The Bear and The Picnic Lunch by Sarah Hayes.

This precious book is about a boy and his little teddy bear who want to have a picnic lunch together.  Throughout the story, it becomes obvious their picnic will be ruined by the boy's dog.  I knew the rhyming verses and the softly painted illustrations would capture the attention of my class.  But as I read farther along, I started thinking.  Asking question after question. 
How would I use this book? 
What time of year would I read it? 
Could I incorporate it with a rhyming activity? 
Or just read it for fun?
As I turned to the last pages, I discovered a lesson was right there within the book!

That sweet teacher, who had just retired and was letting go of all her precious resources, had used this big book to teach her class about speech bubbles!  Hand-cut from sticky note paper, she must have given her students one of the speech bubbles and instructed them to write what the boy, his teddy bear, or the little dog might have said at the end of the book! 

Such a clever idea and one I'm sure her students loved writing! 
I can think of quite a few other books I could do this lesson with, as well. 
Can you?
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