Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Vegas - That's a Wrap

I'm the first to admit it's CRAZY it took me THREE blog posts to tell ya'll about Vegas & I Teach K!

Once again, I'm joining A Burst of First to tell you what happened in Vegas.

I'm excited to share what Kim Jordano from  Kinder by Kim's  "Bookmaking" Make & Take workshop was all about!  I'm normally not one to go to M&T sessions.  Not sure why.  I guess I prefer to get as many ideas as possible during a workshop instead of just sitting and doing a M&T.  Boy, am I glad I went to this M&T class! 
There were TONS of extension ideas how to use the books we made.  Kim provided a bag full of patterns, papers, and all the materials while she gave us the best, step by step directions.  Here are a few really bad cell phone photos from her slide presentation...
a "clothespin" booklet...

a "When I grow up" Booklet...

 "Eating Through the Alphabet" book and "Kindergarten Poetry Journal"
Doesn't that  ribbon just add the cutest finishing touch?
Collection of "Self Portraits" with simple but colorful paper plate photo frame...
We made several others including my favorite...the "Popcorn Book"!
Kim has graciously shared her patterns & directions for this workshop.  Click here to find out all about it!
I must tell you a bit of what I learned in Amanda Bistline's "1,2,3 Come Count With Me!" workshop.  I was absolutely in AWE of Amanda in this session!  She shared activity after activity of ways we can keep our students engaged with hands-on learning!  Honestly, I think you could teach all your math standards using this approach and never pull out a worksheet!  I loved it! There is an excellent post by Amanda about this session on her blog.  Take a look here and you'll see more!
Using a dice & Unifix cubes for building a staircase as you count...
 Quick & easy center of dot stickers & plates plus a counting manipulative of your choice!

Use a Sharpie to write numbers on slices made of pool noodles & use them for ordering
Inexpensive star stickers are good when learning to add or subtract...

Number Munchers...

Dollar Store cookie sheets simply made into Ten Frames...
So my week was INCREDIBLE! 
I enjoyed every minute of the workshops and shopping for teacher goodies was a treat, too.  I toured around Vegas with my hubby, dined at celebrity chef restaurants,  met Penn & Teller, and even saw the Grand Canyon for the first time!

I was also lucky enough to make a new friend from The Apple Tree Room at the big Blogger Party! 
Funny how you can teach different ages and live in very different parts of the country, but you immediately hit it off because you're both teachers!

I hope you've liked reading about my experiences at I Teach K.  I've loved sharing it with you!

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